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Inventory & check-in reports are different names that describe the same thing – thorough examination of the rooms and their contents, with detailed photos of the premises and the items inside. Some agents opt-in for box lists but such formats often lack important details about the physical inventory. Alternatively, some inventory check-in reports are long and comprehensive but may include useless information. At Ace Inventories, we blend the two approaches into one signal method. When possible, we use a box list to quickly tackle premises that don’t require details, and we opt-in for long descriptions when needed. This reduces the time of the service – a benefit prized by many busy property owners because we still achieve no compromise on the quality of the inventory report.

On the other hand, tenants can also benefit from an inventory and check-in service in London

  • Many landlords overlook the initial flaws of their property, demanding funds from the safe deposit during the checkout
  • Property owners overreact to reasonable wear and tear due to their attachment to the property, which is understandable
  • A professional may see some flaws left from previous tenants, that if discovered later, may be falsely ascribed to the new renter

A tenancy check-in report is also one of the greatest tools to assure that you won’t fall a victim of safe deposit frauds. But this can also save you time from arranging meetings with tenants. Inventory check-in in London becomes more and more ”owner-less”. Our clerk will collect the property keys from the key holder and meet the new tenant on the agreed date and time. We will guide the tenant through the property and discuss not only the current condition but also what did other tenants usually do to maintain it this way.


Why Choose Ace Inventories?

When it comes to inventory reports, our company is one of the most established in London and Surrey. We would have never been so recognizable if it wasn’t for the honest dedication of our clerks to provide our clients with as much value as possible.

This also applies to our pricing. Tell us what quotes you got from other London check-in companies and we will try to outmatch them with better rates for a property inventory service.

Get the most out of your rental property while staying on your personal schedule. We are available 24/7, including the weekends and bank holidays


Andraya Catlyn, Director & owner of Ace Inventories

Our Related Services

Inventory Reports

Before any tenants move into the property, we provide them with documents that reveal the state of the property. For evidence, we include digital photographs in the report.

Mid-term Inspection

Communication is key to most successful endeavours. With rental properties, a midterm check is the best way to assure proper cooperation between the two parties on the maintenance of the property.

Check-out Report

Our check-out reports are done prior to any cleaners entering the property. Images from the beginning of the tenancy will ensure that the best interest of both parties is preserved.

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What’s the purpose of an inventory report?

We understand if the tenants have maintained the property well enough by comparing the condition outlined in the check-out report with the state of the property from the beginning, outlined in great detail during the check-in report. 

What areas do you cover?

We cover London and Surrey and stay available 24/7, even on weekends and bank holidays.

I am a tenant, should I care about the inventory report?

Yes! Every tenant pays a safe deposit which sometimes can be withheld from the landlord due to false claims. The only way for a tenant to protect his rights is with a detailed check-in report.

Are check-in and check-out reports obligatory?

Although these reports are not required by the law, they are the best way to be protected from scams and hassles linked to the tenancy.

The landlord can’t be present at the check-in report, is this a problem?

Although it is best that both parties meet during the check-in, sometimes this is not possible. Luckily, there are countless letting agreements made successful thanks to the intermediary services of an inventory company.

Are inventory and check-in reports the same?

Inventory and check-in reports are basically the same because they both take into account the state of the property and all the things inside of it. The only difference is that a check-in report is done when a new tenant is entering the property, thus transferring of keys usually follows the documentation.

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