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 In recent years, more and more people opt-in for inventory check-in and out reports. Disagreements between tenants and landlords are, in fact, quite common, which makes such professional evaluations beneficial. Many companies overlook the fact that a handful of items can cost as much as the furniture itself. At Ace Inventories, we take them into account when crafting our reports because each owner deserves peace of mind when lending his property. Our check out reports of the inventory can cost a few quids but have saved tonnes of money for homeowners.

We understand that landlords often lead busy lives and can easily forget the details of the initial condition of the property. That’s why for each tenancy check-out report, we compare the former condition of the property with the current one via digital photographs that we made during the inventory check-in evaluation. Property owners often spend additional money on check-out cleaning. This may not be needed at all because proper cleaning is an obligation for the tenant. At Ace Inventories, we take into account the ”level of “cleanliness” during the tenancy check out report. We further compare the pictures from the check-in and mid-term report and evaluate if the current condition is the result of normal wear and tear or caused by neglect.

Ace Inventories strives for fairness and just evaluation for each report, be it a check-in, check-out, or a mid-term. You or the tenant can’t be present during the evaluation? Don’t worry, we will do the job, taking into consideration both parties, and ensuring that the keys are returned to the owner and that utility measures are rightfully accounted for.

Why Choose Ace Inventories?


We would have never been the company we are today, without the professionalism of our workers. They always strive to provide our clients with as much value as possible for each booked service. Some of the benefits include:

  • Flexible schedules so that your rental property is adding value to your life without taking a toll on your plans and free time.
  • Competitive rates! Tell us what quote did other companies give you and we will try to offer you a better price.
  • Covering both London and Surrey area, we stay available even on weekends and on bank holidays.

Ace Inventories is the meeting point of cost-efficient service and trustworthy clerks with proper experience and certifications.

Andraya Catlyn, Director & owner of Ace Inventories

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Inventory Report

The inventory report provides a snapshot of all contents, fittings, and fixtures found inside a property at the time of lease. As evidence, we include digital photographs in the report.

Check-in Reports

Check-in reports are the cornerstone of each new letting agreement. They document the state of the property, protecting both parties from possible disagreements.

Mid-term Inspection

A midterm inventory check is an evaluation of the property’s condition during the tenancy. Our professionals can check for emerging issues and prevent costly repairs in the future.

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What areas do you cover?

Our check-in / check-out inventory reports are available for rental properties in both London and Surrey areas.

What does a check-out inventory report include?

Similarly to the check-in report, the end of the tenancy document has to describe all the fixtures and fittings inside the property. We also take into account the condition of valuable decorations, as well as the “level of cleanliness” and utility meters.

How long does this service take?

Each check-out report is different, so we can’t say for sure. However, our experience has taught us how to do our job effectively and as quickly as possible.

Is a check-in report required in order to book a check-out inventory service?

Yes, otherwise the end of the tenancy report will just state the condition of your property without comparing the state of the property before the last tenant has entered.

Is it a must for owners or tenants to be present during a check-out survey?

No, both parties may have conflicting timetables, but an independent clerk can deliver the keys back to the owner, check utility measures, and evaluate justly the current state of the property assets.

How will I receive the report?

Reports are received by email. We are a company that relies on results and not on spam mail to attract our customers so rest assured that we won’t bombard your email with unwanted information.

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