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When it comes to affordability, our prices can successfully compete with most companies in the field. We will strive to price match any genuine quote you received for the same or a similar service.

When signing a lease or rental agreement in London, a full inventory check is required. The inventory provides a snapshot of all contents, fittings, and fixtures found inside a property at the time of lease. For an additional visual representation of the property, we include digital photographs as evidence in the report. All information is compiled after a thorough examination of the property’s condition and signed by all involved parties.

Regardless of whether you are a tenant, landlord, or lettings agency, we’ve got you covered during the full duration of the tenancy, thanks to our comprehensive list of services. For extra convenience, our certified clerks offer a simultaneous inventory make and check-in, providing one unified document for both conducted services.

The tenancy inventory report is provided by a third party to ensure that all included information is unbiased. Should any damage occur during the time the tenant is occupying the property, the report can protect all parties involved from fees and potential lawsuits. Considering its substantial importance, it is essential to choose carefully and partner with a qualified and professional inventory service provider.


Why Choose Ace Inventory?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, certified, and cost-efficient property inventory partner in London, you’ve come to the right place!

Our years of experience in the property market and professional team of highly trained inventory clerks make us truly distinguishable from the rest. We take pride in our exceptional attention to detail and our dedicated employees, who are always ready to help.

You can get in touch anytime as we are available 24/7, including weekends and bank holidays. As an experienced and renowned inventory company, our teams are available throughout London and Surrey.


Andraya Catlyn, Director & owner of Ace Inventories

Services You Can Benefit From


Check-in Reports

Tenancy check-in reports document the state of any rented property at the start of every new letting agreement before the tenants move in or on the same day.

Midterm Check

The midterm inventory offers a snapshot of the condition of the property midway through the tenancy. It can show how it is maintained and if it needs repair work.

Check-out Report

We will compare the condition of the property once the tenants move out with that reported before moving in. The check-out inventory is compiled before any cleaners enter the property.

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What areas do you cover?

We provide tenancy inventory reports throughout London and Surrey.

What does an inventory report include?

A property’s inventory report includes all contents, fixtures and fittings, meter readings and suppliers, furniture and decorations found inside at the time of inspection. It also includes details on the overall conditions of the property.

What’s the purpose of an inventory report?

The aim of the inventory make is to protect the landlord, tenant, and the involved lettings agency from potential fees and lawsuits. It gives a clear representation of the condition of the property and everything found inside. Once the tenants vacate the property a comparison is made to see if any damage has been caused and if repairs are necessary.

Are check in and check out reports mandatory?

The tenancy inventory check-in and check-out report are not required by law but are the best way to stay protected when it comes to tenancy agreements.

Does the owner of the property have to be present when the reports are signed?

The inventory report, also referred to as landlord inventory, is in the best interest of owners who rent out their property. The document must be signed by all parties involved, including the landlord. Although it is preferred that the landlord is present, If this is not possible a digital signature can be used instead,

How will I receive the report?

Requested reports are sent via email. We hate spam and have made this into a company policy not to bombard the emails of our customers with unwanted information.

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