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Comprehensive Mid-Term Inspection Service in Luton, Manchester, Croydon and London

If there is one word that can describe the mid-term inspection then it is “prevention”. Also known as interim inventory, this practice has successfully saved tonnes of money and hassle for both landlords and tenants alike.

Our mid-term reports are important for safety and outlining any issues. Reports are condensed accurate and affordable. These condensed reports are at a reasonable price of £40.

Living in a rental property can be challenging. Despite your maintenance efforts, you may still overlook some of the property’s potential hidden weaknesses. For tenants, this means loss of funds from the safe deposit, if the condition of the property fails to meet the standard laid out in the check-in report.

But landlords don’t have it well either. They may have to organize some repairs and put a strain on their tight schedule losing other opportunities. That’s why a mid-term inspection is needed. It will give guidelines to tenants if they need to improve their maintenance efforts, while also preventing hassle and damages that the owner would have to fix in the future.

An interim inventory, when compared to check-in and check-out reports, may show if the tenant has slacked on his duty to take care of the property. Tenants can rest assured that an inspection by a professional can help them tackle emerging issues so that the renters can earn back their safe deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Why Choose Ace Inventories?

We will try to outmatch the quotes you got from other companies, but this is not the biggest benefit that our customers get. When working with Ace Inventories, you hire top professionals that know all the pitfalls in the field of rental properties.

Don’t get us wrong, saving money from a service is good, but having a stress-free experience, both as an owner or a tenant is not to be overlooked.

Sadly, this is not the norm for many people in the rental industry. That’s why our certified agents strive to give their best to transform the field and make our customers the main benefactors of these transformative efforts.


Andraya Catlyn, Director & owner of Ace Inventories

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Inventory Report

The state of every property is important for the tenants. We will provide any documents to reveal if there are any issues. We include digital photographs in the report that works as evidence.

Check-in Report

Tenancy check-in reports are a must for every landlord and tenant. These documents describe the current condition of the property, setting some guidelines for the letting period.

Check-out Report

Some owners overestimate the initial condition while some tenants downplay current flaws. Luckily, check-out reports offer a fair evaluation of the property, thus serving both parties.

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Which areas do you cover?

We cover London and Surrey. The rental business has no days-off so we organize our schedule to have available agents even on weekends and bank holidays.

How do you make your interim inventory report?

We use both pictures and text testimonials on the condition of the property and possible issues. The gathered information is sent to the owner.

I am a landlord but I can't be at the address for a mid-term inspection, can you help?

Yes, as long as the tenant gives us access to the property, any landlord will be well-informed about the condition of his assets. 

Why is an agent a better choice for a mid-term inspection than the owner himself?

Clerks are independent and can’t be persuaded nor by the emotions of the tenant neither by the attachment of the owner to his property. Professionals make objective judgments without taking a side in the owner-renter relations. And in the long run, this proves to be the best for both parties.

How much does a mid-term inspection cost?

We are well-known for our competitive rates – tell us what quote other companies gave you and we will try to outmatch them.

Should I opt-in for only check-in/checkout reports and ditch the interim one?

Although some people do it, we believe that it is in the best interest of the landlord and tenant to include a mid-term check as well. Issues discovered at the end of the tenancy may need time to be fixed thus making the property inhabitable and leading to loss of profits for the landlord. Tenants, on the other hand, might lose valuable time and money by not maintaining the property to the best of their efforts – an issue which one of our clerks could notice quickly. Our agents also have rental properties and understand very well that the benefits far outweigh the pennies you pay for such a service.

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